Turning an old tv to a smart tv

There is a previous post.

My setup is as follows:
1LCV 40" tv
1LED 3D t42" tv
1samsung bd-f5100
1Old pc made into a server(Server 2012 r2) running plex media server

There is way to many cables. Was thinking of getting an Chomecast for the old 40" tv.

But there is raspberry pi, intel compu stick and other stuff with the technology changing every day. What would be the best.

Found this post http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2456300,00.asp but that is the old Chromecast

The new one looks like this

Hi Deathm

I have one pc setup that runs to three screens …
The HDMI that running to the tv has its own sound but only playing sound via vlc cause you can choose which hdmi to send sound to with the movie thats playing then vga and sound cable running to the other screen thats running default sound with pc i can connected another tv and play movies via vlc and choose the other sound device to play … but your GPU must be able to handle it

Hope it helps also maybe able to Demo it for you so you can understand bit more of what iam mean.


@Deathm . . .

Have you considered XBMC / Kodi . . .

Have a look at this video :

Convert Your Old PC Into A Powerful Kodi Media Center

here’s another idea . . .
Build the Ultimate Free HTPC Using an old Laptop

You could turn the PC running Server 2012 into a NAS Server and then stream your content (music & video etc.) from there accross your LAN to the rooms indivually by running lan cables to the rooms where the Kodi/XBMC devices are situated . . .

Turn Your Old PC Into a NAS

Check it out and let us know what you think . . .

Raspberry Pi running Raspbian + Kodi

Its ok ordered an Chromecast 2. Going to go get it after work today.