What Happened to Helderberg Wug?

So I’ve been away from the WUG for a while now.
I am interested in joining again and have tried to find out what’s happening in the Helderberg area but can’t find any information as to what’s happening.

A few months back I sent Snow an email inquiring as to whether the area was still active but have not received any response to date.

If anyone can give me some info as to what’s happening with the Helderberg, I would appreciate it.


It all went downhill since you left, Pine node was struck by lightning more than 2 years back and he is not going to repair that. Alpha (Danie/Snow) also went down soon after setup. Then equipment was setup at The Vault in Aroura Dr, Gordans Bay and Danie said we can scan for that, but I was not successful.

Glad you are back, maybe Helderberg Wug can get alive again. Please keep enquiring.


That’s so sad to hear.

So nothing’s going on here then. I’ll have to check for an alternative for me to connect to the WUG. Maybe I’ll be able to link to the Mitchell’s Plain/Strandfontein area.

Is there someone that can tell me what equipment is where in the Helderberg area?
I have seen that of the equipment is still up at Jacor (#7996) of which belongs to the Helderberg Wug. The equipment at GantsCentre (#3563) was removed last I heard.

Anyway some info will be welcomed.

As mentioned I am wanting to connect to the WUG again whether it be with trying to get the area going again or just creating a personal link with maybe Mitchell’s Plain or Strandfontein if possible.

Send you a PM. This is the info I’ve got.

I do have LOS to some nodes in Strandfonien and UWC. Though they are quite long range, and not connected at the moment. And even when they were, I had limited LOS with Strand/Somerset west area.

Just FYI