Windows 10

This might be old news to some but would like to have CTWUG’s input on Windows 10.

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Updated via Windows Update.

First look and feel is great. My first day on Windows 10.

I love it. Been running Windows 10 since the earlier builds with every build since getting better and better.

Will probably only test it out once the RTM version gets released, but from what I have seen so far it does look awesome.

Two things I am happy about:

  1. Can play .mkv without any third party codex.
  2. Can copy (ctrl+c) out of cmd.

Oh, and the return of the start menu!

If you are watching a video using one of the build in apps and press Alt+Tab is automatically pauses the video once you press Alt+Tab to return to the video it resumes.

Tested the .mkv and yes its works.
Start menu is back and looking great

So the RTM has been released. Does it live up to everyone’s expectations? I’m now running the x64 version on both my PCs
This made me sceptical :pcsmash:

I haven`t made the move over to Win10 yet myself. Waiting to find more about what EQuiN0x23 pasted

Well dammit, I’d like to read more about how they will actually do this :swearing::argue:

This has been taken out of context and only applies to Microsoft products windows cannot disable products not owned by Microsoft already confirmed.