Wireless Internet Access

Good day all

Im looking for Wireless ISP’s that I can provide me with internet.
PLEASE NOTE: Im not looking to connect to the internet via CTWUG network. Im based in Grassy Park.
I believe this was my Node co-ordinates -34.0514, 18.5011 my node was Brenley23 on the CTWUG network.

any reason why you need a wireless ISP they are usually very expensive

Use Wapa and request service.

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Works out cheaper then ADSL No throttle and unshaped and you dont need to pay Telkom for line rental

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I am in the Pelikan Park area and are waiting for Sonic Wireless for the site survey, Also Capewifi is in the area aswell.

I have inquired by Cape Wifi and Cape connect

Sonic is cheaper and also been doing it for longer

KAB technologies & Amobia also function round there as far as I know…

WHAT EVER YOU DO. dont go with sonic wireless.

I. And a few friends in the northern suburbs, are with them and we have nothing but horse faecies.

Their connection quality sux
Their support is worse.
Their prices are NOT competitive.

Who do you recommend?