CTWUG GM December 7, 2019

Hello fellow wuggers, it’s that time of the year again (silly season :slight_smile: )
This is our last social for the year 2019.

Date: 07 December 2019
Committee: Coms, Dizzle, NissaN
Venue: Tygerberg High School
Address: Fairfield Road, Parow

Time: 10am
Extras: There will be a braai after the meeting as well a LAN event see

  1. Welcome - Coms

  2. Election decision - Dizzle

  3. Technical - Dizzle

  4. Projects - Dizzle
    4.1 Funded projects
    4.2 Projects that still need funding

  5. Finance - Coms
    5.1 Spendings and income for last quarter
    5.2 Bank balance

  6. Raffle - NissaN

  7. Open Floor - Committee

  8. Closing


What will the raffle goodies be?

Pls…i just want to know,because there is mixed messages going out about the wug meeting venue…is it in bellvile or parow?i know what this post say,but please …entertain me…thx

@Committee @Dizzle

Pls accept my apology as I wont be available for the meeting, Really wanted to attend but will unfortunately be out of the country and hope to return by next week


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That’s where it is? It’s in Parow.

In the event that loadshedding continues tomorrow, the power will be off at 14:00 at the venue.

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good morning all

please excuse me from this meeting.
i had the wonderful experience of going down sir lowrey’s pass on tuesday evening and the wind taking my trailer and car for a spin.

ended up on the roof. car totaled as well as brand new uninsured trailer i had for a whopping 5 hours.

still in quite a bit of pain and enjoying some very nice muscle relaxants.

have a great one everyone

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Seems a valid reason not to attend, but is there someone that could corroborate these events?

JK, glad your still with us and hope you feel better soon.

@angryplum I agree on that, Thank you to each and everyone who made the time to attend the meeting today. We as comms understand time is money and not everybody can be there. WE THANK YOU. “We All Count”. Please if you have time try to make it for the next meet always nice to put a face to a node/nick.