Durbanville and Surrounds connectivity

Dear All

I hope somebody can assist. I received the below mail and have tried quite a few avenues of getting this resolved. I have been cut off for a few days now (which is not unusual) but the end of the month is closing to an end and afraid I will be cut off permanently very soon… I need your help urgently please.

"Hi mense,

Solara (Frank) trek einde van die maand Malmesbury toe. As ons enigste link beteken dit ongelukkig dat die konneksie na die groter WUG afgensny word van Hoektoe, TFlux, KraakBal en h4ckii.

Ek het lankal al oorweeg om my site af te haal weens die feit dat die wug so stadig is. Dis vir my nie meer die moeite werd is nie. My boks onder my paal is besig om te roes en ek gaan ook nie meer lank hier bly nie. Dus het ek besluit om alles te verwyder van die dak sodra Solara trek.

Ek gaan tot die einde van die jaar toe nog hier bly en probeer nuwe highsites opspoor. As ek suksesvol is sal ek my site weer opsit hier by my ouers se huis nadat ek van die goed vervang het en refurbish het. Julle is welkom om dan weer te connect sodra die storie op is.

Vir die wat 'n node het op my paal wat aan hulle behoort is welkom om dit te kom haal of wag tot die einde van die jaar toe indien ek weer opsit.

Lekker naweek,
Roan. (KraakBal)"

Both you and TFlux have asked for links to Pot and it is on my to-do list… but I’ve had a lot going on lately and installing equipment on Pot takes time. It usually eats up half the day or more.

Rest assured that I am working on getting an extra grid pointed towards your area. I’ve bought all the equipment (drill bits, plugs, grid, groove, cables, etc.) I just haven’t had a chance to actually install it.

P.S. I don’t actually have a to-do list - there’s just stuff that needs to be done.

aquarat - die dade van durbanville.

Hi Aquarat

Thanks a lot for the help - I understand the time constraints especially this time of the year. Your help is greatly appreciated.



Hi Aquarat

Thanks a lot for the help - I understand the time constraints especially this time of the year. Your help is greatly appreciated. If you need any help please let me know and I will be more than welcome to come and assist you in doing this. You have my personal E-mail address so let me know.



Hi vloftie and Aquarat

Sorry, I only noticed this post now. I would also like to help if possible, my sister and brother-in-law (Bossie1) depends on the hoektoe/Solara connection. So count us in if you need anything.

Apologies for forcing myself into your conversation

I’m new to WUG, not connected and without hardware (WiND Node #11113). Just placed my first post - - and then came across this one while looking for some more information regarding the Durbanville area. Since the guys mentioned in the first post are the future WUG-friends I will require to get connected, I would also like to extend a hand wherever possible. I’m not bad with a drill, but if needs be - I can hold beer like never before :).

@Aquarat, I sent you a mail a few minutes ago - I was warned that you are a busy man - I now see the severity of the problems ahead. So feel free to disregard until we have a more sunny horizon ahead.

Feel free to contact me


Damn, I didn’t subscribe to this thread, just reading it now…

Just a quick update :

I’ve got all the equipment to set up a link from Pot (High site) to TFlux. The reason for TFlux is he already has a grid connection to Hoektoe, which is good quality and reliable. I’ve been wanting to install new equipment on Pot for a while but I’ve had family over from Australia and they’ve been keeping me busy. They leave on Tuesday the 11th… then I’ll have lots of time to do this.

In the mean time I have turned on my old 2.4GHz grid that points to Hoektoe from aquarat (last week Monday it was enabled). I originally wanted to use this grid to connect to Hoektoe ages back when I first moved into Sonstraal, but the no one wanted to align (or let me align) the grid on Hoektoe to face me… so signal and speeds were really bad.

Something weird has happened though… I checked today and it’s been going pretty fast. Signal strength on this old 2.4GHz link is at -60/-58… it averaged 16mbps on Saturday - it used to only do about 0.5mbit/sec. I can only think that maybe Frank/Solara aligned the grid before he moved?!?

For now, this 2.4GHz link should keep things running, albeit slowly.

If you aren’t already connected @roanlinde, aquarat has a sector on it which runs an open AP with a DHCP server. This means new users can connect to it and run a DHCP client to get an IP and gateway. It’s a great way of testing connectivity (even my phone can connect :stuck_out_tongue: ). Please don’t hop on if you’re already connected to Hoektoe as my link to Pot isn’t great.

So I’m just letting you all know that I haven’t forgotten and it won’t be long until the new link is up :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the update and the additional info. Much appreciated
Will however not be able to (at least theoretically) reach aquarat according to WiND.
Myself and vloftie is pretty much inline with each other & kraakbal (myself being in the middle), so the best bet WUG gentlemen for me would be (in order of distance)
Xevious1 (#4323), Vegieholics (#2308), MadwandPot (#9184), vloftie (#8159), Hoektoe (#1966), TFlux (#627) and a few others in between.
But that’s neither here or there, let’s first get the equipment up n running & see what the network is like. Then I’ll start bothering the people :slight_smile:

Just shout if there is any help required.

No wonder frank isnt replying to any of my emails

mmmm, lemme know If I can help? Perhaps we can go highsite from me, or do alternative connection?

Hi boys and girls,

Any feedback on this?
Please don’t mistake my interest for inpatients.

tj007, what is your Node Id #?

Hi i spoke to Aquarat yesterday and he is on the case.Hope we can sort out the Durbanville area for everybodys benifit.

Awesome, thanks Sol.
Please keep us updated as things develop.
And, as always, if any help is required, don’t hesitate to ask!

So… good news everyone :smiley: .

I installed two transponders today on Pot, it was damn windy.

One of the transmitters is a dish pointed to Kraaifontein.

The other transmitter is a 27dbi Grid + Groove. It’s pointed more or less at TFlux.

If you look on wind you’ll see that Solara used to link to Hoektoe and Hoektoe used to link to TFlux, TFlux then links on to KraakBal. The idea is that TFlux will link to Pot through the equipment installed today and assuming everything goes well we’ll be able to give Hoektoe and Kraakbal access to the wug again at reasonable speeds.

If the link to TFlux from Pot doesn’t work I’m sure we’ll be able to find someone else that’s willing to host it (vloftie offered a while back).

I’m waiting to hear back from TFlux now.


Thanks Aquarat
U know where to get me for anything!!!

Good news and bad news :

Bad news :

A link from TFlux to Pot won’t work due to trees. I tried aligning a link yesterday, but the signal never got better than -74, which is unacceptable for this kind of link.

Good news :

Scoop now has stock of newer, faster 802.11ac hardware. Wacko141 and I will try and upgrade the aquarat/Pot link to today and if successful speeds on aquarat clients will increase tenfold. This will filter down to Hoektoe nodes.

Because Hoektoe is going to be moving in the future, I’d suggest that everyone try and migrate away from it when they get a chance. I know I’ve told some of you the opposite of this, but if you wish to connect to aquarat, please do so. The new 802.11ac hardware should mean decent bandwidth for all sector clients. We’re also going to elevate the sector while we’re at it to improve LOS to clients.

Please note that aquarat’s sector is an 802.11n sector and as such you’ll need n-speed capable hardware to connect to it. Hoektoe is 802.11a, which is very old now.

The preferred hardware is this :

Groove 5GHz and a [url=]suitable antenna. You will also need self-vulcanising “aap-kak” tape and a 90 degree joint so that the groove is vertical.

I recommend 27dbi antennas, but 24 and 31 dbi will also work.

I’ll add more to this post a little later.

Good news :

I am pleased to announce that the upgrade to the aquarat/Pot link has been half-completed, but has already caused a large improvement in speed and latency.

In the past, aquarat’s link would not push more than 15mbps at maximum on a good day… this has improved to 96mbps receive and 20mbps send.

Both speeds will further improve once the other side of the link is also upgraded (it’s currently a dish/netmetal at aquarat and a groove metal with 27dbi grid at Pot).

Hoektoe clients are encouraged to upgrade their hardware and switch to the aquarat sector.

A 2.4GHz link will continue to supply Hoektoe, but given that Hoektoe’s owners will be moving soon, Hoektoe is very old and that the site is effectively unmaintained, I won’t be putting any additional effort into this part of the Wug.

For everyone who is supplied by TFlux (like Kraakbal), I will ask him if he can try and link to me directly.

A big special thanks to Wacko141, who assisted me today with the upgrade.


P.S. I’ve just checked and it doesn’t look like the Hoektoe link is responding.

That’s QUITE a bad ass speed improvement, well done.
I wish all the existing folk the best in shifting their links :cheer:
Nerds unite

Hey Roan, you’re Kraakbal hey? TFlux says he’s got LOS to aquarat… so I’m gonna help him soon to link to me, that will give your area decent speed wug access again.

I see Hoektoe is still down (it’s not connecting to my 2.4GHz link), could be that the grid was moved too much during the upgrade. I’ve asked Hoektoe’s owner to check if anything is wrong.