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Hi Everyone,

We will be doing some alignment at Europa this weekend (12/29).

Expect some downtime.

ek sal dalk n draai maak :slight_smile: hoelaat begin julle?

ek sal ook kom inloer en hand bysit

hoe laat begin julle

Hi Ouens,

Dankie vir die reply, ons is klaar drie mense so dit behoort genoeg te wees. Ons gaan net align, dankie vir die belangstelling om te kom help. :smiley:

Ons sal seker so net na 9 begin. Sal almal up to date hou.

Okay update from today, some bad and good news…

Good news:

  1. Europa-Kingpin signals has improved. From -75/-76 to -53/-52. So CCQ’s are awesome and speed will be increased when I have chance to play with it.
  2. Bellville sector has been aligned, all clients showed a improvement in signal.
  3. Europa-LO has been aligned. Signals was -55/-53 now -54/-50.

Bad news:

  1. We lost Tough switch 2, when we power flushed it, it died… All ports went to 10Mbps-Half, sometimes even displaying the port as down when it is up. The TS doesn’t want to push data at all.
    • We did the following to try and restore it but no help: Reset to default, power cycled about 20 times with cables in/out. Upgraded firmware from 1.2 to 1.2 a newer build, although same version.
    • In the end, we couldn’t bring it back up. *Reminds me to think twice about Ubiquiti, and also a warning to people thinking about buying an Tough switch. P.S I tested the same devices for 3 months without faults…
  2. So we had to make a decision, at the moment the current links are down. (Europa-TFyre, he has a backup link to Me aka Diabolix), (Europa-IO,was down anyway IO is out of alignment signals were -87/-85), (Europa-Redeamer, has no backbone links at the moment. So only one user will be down from that link). We moved the Bellville sector and Kingpin link to Tough Switch 1 to keep the moaners happy :P.

Will keep you guys updated.

Thanks to SAPolisie and BlueSky for their help!

According to the Ubnt TS Spec sheet, it can operate in a temperature range of -25C to 55C.

Over the past few days, I have noticed my rb running around that 55C mark. It is very possible that the TS hit that mark this week and pushed it over the edge.

Interestingly the exact same thing sometimes happens with our UBNT radios (NanoBridges, etc.). Also power related.

Warranty will sort you out, but it’s an annoying inconvenience still. :confused:

The temps in the box was cool, take note it stopped working correctly after the power cycle…

Thanks for the info… Sad thing is scoop isn’t sure when they will get new stock of the tough switches…

Our initial batch of TS’s was 80pcs of which only one was ever returned.

We will be receiving our new stock toward the end of January and will test if this fault persists.

In the meantime, you are welcome to return the 2x faulty units for a full credit or alternatively you can wait for replacements.

Perhaps consider utilizing RB-750UP if you prefer Mikrotik products

May I be the first to welcome tim-scoop to our forums. I’m sure the wug will enjoy having you guys available for queries and questions.

Thank you.

ja Tim, I told you never say never! But welcome to CTWUG & I hope you will enjoy your time hear, now we’ve got an inside man.

Welcome to the forums Tim :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

Seems like some people are confused on what’s going on at Europa. The Bellville sector (Europa4), is out of alignment, because the bracket took some wind after the new dishes were added so the bracket bent and thus the clients are suffering. We are already working on a fix. Wacko141 bought some stays, which we will be installing on the 2nd of Feb. The reason for it being so late is, the one tough switch at Europa has failed (Stated in a previous post) and we are waiting on stock at Scoop (Expecting them at the end of this month). We want to do everything in one go, I don’t want to make a nuisance to go there every weekend, because we need someone to give us access to the rooftop. So I would rather do everything in one go.

We will also be turning the IO link to Wacko141. This will give a backup link to Stolla (Wacko141-Gifthand-Stolla). The IO link will not disappear, the link that will be created is (EU-Redeamer2210-IO) and Redeamer2210 will also be broadcasting.

Hope this provides some clearance for the people that keeps phoning me non-stop… :stuck_out_tongue:

Me and BlueSky will be going up to Europa tomorrow (30th of Jan) to replace the faulty tough switch with a new one, we will also align the one dish to Wacko141.

I will look what I can do regarding the Bellville sector’s pole, but due to this being in the evening after work. I am not sure if we will get there.

Looks like this might get delayed due to a new lock on the door to the roof. Will keep you guys posted!

We will be trying this again tomorrow night after 18h00. Expect downtime.

laat weet maar as ek moet allign van my HS af

Okay peeps, great news.

The site is up and running again!! :smiley:

EU-Redeamer-IO link is up! EU-Wacko is UP!

Pole 2 has also been put in place, so the Bellville sector is normal once again. We still need to organize a date to install the stays, and then we will do a final alignment, and then leave Europa in peace :slight_smile: