Gamers dropping again

can someon

e please check the links ,guys keep dropping in and out of the server

we as gamers we always have issues on dropping out bad laggssssssssss
is there someone that can look into to it plz

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I have disabled OSPF on Mars-MLB link. CCQ was dropping.

Please check again.

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still lots of loss there and time outs

just saying problem is not Kraaifontein but other areas,but thank you for doing something @JellyBean

Same Here . . .

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Sorry guys. Multiple issues tonight. Could not get to everything.


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even after game time

Thanks for looking into these issues for us @spin


The equipment thats giving issues . . . Are these monitored by ure scripts . . .?
Or are these perhaps UBNT equipment which is excluded . . . ?

Cos if they are . . . Then the scripts will obviously not indicate when these give hick-ups . . . So we need to track it manually and update this post with screen shots of tracert when these issues occur . . .
Only way to track them and remedy it untill such time that we can come up with a script that tracks UBNT equipment as well . . .
Its been noted that when issues are being picked up by the “House Keeping scripts” . . . Some admins reply and ask for the affected equipment to be removed/exempted from monitoring due to it being UBNT equipment and that the scripts are Not Compatible with UBNT equipment . . . Then the equipment is removed from being tracked . . . And no alerts are given by these scripts when they are under performing . . .


same thing now looks worse now

Please send another one without DNS ticked so IP’s are visible (sorry, bit lazy at the moment, lots going on my side)

miraculously dissapeared?:fearful: thank you

I haven’t done anything yet, not sure who did…