New connection for 2 nodes in Kraaifontein

WiND Node (link or at least name and number):

Two nodes have been plotted, namely Neuro (#17979) and Jet (#17980) Both seem to have LOS to controlc

List your existing wireless equipment (but don’t buy anything):


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Need to get two nodes connected, both within 500m of controlc, and with apparent LOS.

Does controlc have space for any more clients?

I will assist with scanning, just preemptively inquiring if there is space on @controlc

Doubt it, but only ControlC would be the person to say that. With Nemesis being that close to ControlC, should you not rather scan there? Signal from some of the guys close to you to Nemesis looks pretty good, and enough space on that sector…

Thanks, will keep that in mind when scanning!!

Thank you Stiaan, @Nemesis - Is this do-able?

Hi @neuro Nemesis is ctwug owned highsite so best to tag @Committee

For sure that is do-able, below the access list on that RB:

Signal and quality from one of the two nodes N1-side of you:

Thanks @Stiaanm for the help.

@Committee What do I need to do/have to connect to Nemesis?

Francois Coetzee

Since this is a CTWUG owned high-site, I presume only Mikrotik equipment is allowed?

Talks to I…

Do a scan, let me have the results please.

Yep, dual polarity…

Ok, sal 'n SXT kry, en kyk of ek vroeg volgende week vir jou kan stuur.

Vir die minimal price difference, sal ek eerder voorstel jy kry 'n LHG5. Soos ek verstaan is SXT’s baie “noisy”
Ek het 'n LHG, en baie happy met hom.


O ja, en jy hoef nog niks te koop nie. Jy kan die TEST KIT book en dan met hom 'n scan doen.

Can’t agree more. With lhg you get 8dbi( better signal) more gain and an antenna that is loads more directional.

Enigste rede hoekom jy 'n sxt bo 'n lhg sal verkies is size, as die huis eienaar of body Corp nie iets te groot wil ophe nie.

lmk dis kfn hoe meer sxt’s hoe beter :joy: stem saam LHG is ver beter


I meant using an SXT for scanning, because I probably have one around here somewhere. :smirk:

Perfek om mee te Scan

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Thanks all.

@stiaanm Can I book the test kit, please?

By all means you may, but I need your consent to the below:

@stiaanm, I provide consent to conditions that CTWUG can replace the test kit in full for my account.

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