New Forum - It's here

The new forum is now active:

Please you can login with your existing username and password from this forum. Please try and use the new forum as much as possible. If anything major bad happens we will come back here but I’d like to try the new forum for a trial period of a couple of days or so.

It’s quite a new experience so to familiarise yourself please have a look at this:

Some changes:

  • The categories have been slightly reorganised. Mainly I’ve create a top level Wugger Only category. With some nice sub-categories. I will in future make the wugger user group (which gives access to that category and it’s sub categories) automatic allowing much wider participation in that.
  • Groups are slightly different. Had to redo them by hand so please don’t take offence.
  • Titles follow one group. Not sure which titles get preference.
  • There is now a few dedicated support categories. These categories also allow the original poster to select a reply as the solution. Giving the person who helped him some kudos.
  • Badges are there to be earned… Try and find them.
  • Email support is really good on this forum. There is digests emails, tracking of topics and threads and even whole categories.
  • Avatars are there but for some they have changed to gravatars.
  • You can @mention @users, @committee, @networkadmin, @gamingadmin etc etc on the new forum.

Please also try this on your mobile as it’s a vastly superior experience. Please also try and activate notifications in browser. The new forum has

Please take a look around and report bugs on the following thread:

This is in the site feedback category which is for discussions about the new forum.

If you can’t login and have funny characters in your username. Replace them with _. Otherwise @spin

Please post feedback in the new forum under the site feedback category:


So what’s happening to the front page?

The current looks super cluttered and doesn’t resemble a landing page.



If I was a new user, I would immediately be confused and just leave the site. If this isn’t the ‘planned’ final page and just a rush to move everything to the new server, can I suggest in keeping the current forum active until the final version is done?


As a mod, why was this thread locked, did I miss something?

I would think we should be able to post our opinions on this thread until we completely move over to the new system.

Edit: I see now you asked us to voice our opinions on the new forum.

Dag se almal.
new forum maak glad nie oop an my kant nie. Net n heads up

Ek wil jou rerig help. Ek wil rerig weet of dit fout is met iets. Maar jy moet so bietjie informasie gee.
Wat gebeur?
Wat is jou ip?
Op die internet of net op die wug?
Het jy 'n tracert gedoen na

Dit load net op die browser.
my ip is
dis net wug.
ek het n trace gedoen en dit het 362.0ms ping

Kan dit firefox wees?

Die ping is ne te bad nie. Die server is in die UK.
Ek try gou van die server na jou. Werk wind?

Ek het ingelog op die server en van daar ingelog op jou rb. So die links is fine. Hier is trace van jou rb na forum:

[ctwug@Demented.rb1] > /tool traceroute count=10 
# ADDRESS                          LOSS SENT    LAST     AVG    BEST   WORST STD-DEV STATUS                                                          
 1                     0%   10   4.1ms     9.2     2.4    29.1     9.2                                                                 
 2                     0%   10   3.4ms     9.9     1.9    69.3    19.8                                                                 
 3                     0%   10     6ms    17.4     1.8    50.8    18.5                                                                 
 4                      0%   10   6.7ms    18.9     6.3    99.2    27.1                                                                 
 5                     0%   10   7.6ms    16.6     5.9    72.4    19.4                                                                 
 6                      0%   10  10.3ms    38.3     8.4   237.7    67.5                                                                 
 7                      0%   10    10ms    21.7      10    71.8    18.1                                                                 
 8                      0%   10  16.4ms    27.1    13.6    81.3    20.7                                                                 
 9                      0%   10  39.5ms    79.1    39.5   130.7    27.3                                                                 
10                       0%   10 752.7ms   383.6   287.4   752.7   129.9                                                                 
11                        0%   10 361.6ms   348.4   269.4     410    44.5  

Het jy nog 'n browser op jou pc?
Internet Explorer?
Wat is jou os?

explorer doen dieselfde en wind werk ook nie.
OS is windows 8.1

Het dit gister gewerk?

Dis die eerste keer wat ek probeer.
Wind het gister gewerk ja

Ok try wind nou.

wind werk nou SPIN …eks op IRC ook as jy daar wil gesels

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The above was a problem with the SSL configuration on Nginx:
I thought that the ssl_protocols parameter was order agnostic but it appears not.
I had
ssl_protocols TLSv1.2 TLSv1.1 TLSv1;
but it should have been
ssl_protocols TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2;

I’ve fixed this everywhere.