Please report major issues with new forum here

Please report any major issues in this thread.

Incomplete at this stage:

  • Likes/thanks from old forum have not been transferred yet
  • Not all attachments made it, for reasons unknown. I will probably not fix this.
  • I left PMs behind as mentioned before.
  • I’ve simplified the groups somewhat.
  • I still need to add all the mods. This is one by one thing. Please be patient. Comms are mods for now.

Let me know if I missed something.

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OK I see the following issues:

  • List tags
  • COLOR tags

Need to get use to this, but thanks @spin!:grinning:

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On the FAQ page - the link Cape Town Wireless User Groups Rules takes me to a page that says Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!.

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I’ve fixed that issue.

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I’m sorting out the following problem tags now:

  • COLOR tags - these are being removed
  • FONT tags - these are being removed
  • LIST tags - these are being converted to the appropriate markdown tags

EDIT this is now fixed.
/me learnt some regex…

What about tapatalk?? Its not working! Did you atleast check how many users are using tapatalk on a daily basis before just moving over? And the topic is locked on the old forum… thats not very cool

This move is about modernising a bit. A lot of this stuff was discussed in this thread:

I’ll quote myself there:

We have thousands, yes thousands, of users on the forums that don’t interact. I tried to limit it but I transferred thousands of dead accounts? Why is that? Surely we could try to improve that situation. I could have just moved the old forum and let that all be, but I’m trying to improve things where I can.

This is all about moving things forward and improving engagement. vbulletin hasn’t been updated in years. The problem is the negative voices are always the loudest. It really is a lot of work moving things forward here.

Yes tapatalk doesn’t work with the new forum. There are guys working on a tapatalk plugin for this forum and probably also a discourse app. This forum’s mobile site is really good though. And makes it easier and quicker for new members to engage.

The reason it’s locked is to at least get people to try the new forum before shouting at me. I did do a lot of hard work on this and I want to take it further by integrating WIND badges and WMS badges and the like. And people can at least try it? Is that so wrong?

Plus it makes everything complicated if people are replying to essentially the same thread in two different forums.

Perhaps valuable time should rather be spent fixing the basics than fixing things that already works? works fine and has a lot of active users :smiley: