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Thank you for your prompt response.
I will check this afternoon to see if I can spot the pole from from my place. Then I will proceed to book the test kit and do a scan.

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Cool . Take some 360 degree high res photos when you are on your roof and add them at the bottom of your node page while you are at it.

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You can have a look on my node page if you can see your house. But best to get on your roof and take some pics.


Hi @Mario, PTP links and usually reserved for sites that carry relay traffic or carry more clients. As a start do as the guys suggested above and start off connecting as a sector client.

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We have a sector - just needs some work and its pointing in his direction :wink:

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@mario Instructions for scanning

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Hi Everyone,

Please allow me some time to get the 360 degree pictures for my node. My neighbour did not have his ladder available yesterday. He will borrow it to me in a couple of days.

Firestarter ek verstaan nie so lekker die PTP nou nie, as jy deur die wug gaan is daar omtrent seker 30% mense wat PTP doen wat dead links is so hoe kan dit reserve wees vir relay traffic?

As @mario 'n ptp link doen dan mag hy mos of hoe? Hy kan dalk later uitbrei en ander clients help.

Daar is clients wat ptp doen wat so te se 10m af is van 'n highsite met sectors, so hoe verduidelik mens dit?

PTP is point to point
PTMP is point to mulit point

Ray het n sektor op wat daar is vir kliente, maak net sin om die man op die sector te sit. En wie weet wat gebeur in die toekoms. Meeste mense wat op wug kom connect eers aan 'n sektor.


Hi @Apex, have you ever had to find clean frequency at a site that has hardly any left to work with? Each PTP link requires it’s own frequency. A sector uses one frequency for multiple clients, therefore keeping open frequency for relay links.

Nobody can stop anyone from making dead end PTP links but that doesn’t make it a good idea. Frequency is not becoming more, not only the CTWUG network uses the 5ghz unlicensed spectrum. Ask some of the guys with the bigger sites how difficult it is to ‘tune’ a link in an area where clean frequency is scarce. A properly tuned sector can do extremely decent bandwidth.

I don’t build my site based on perhaps/maybe/could be (of dalk). I connect clients to sectors and if they have potential for a relay link or want to host clients close to them then only I do PTP.

Ask them and their clients how well that is going for them. Imagine taking a 10meg Internet line at your house and sharing it with 10 people. Is everyone going to get the 10meg? No, everyone is going to have a terrible time when everyone is using the bandwidth at the same time. Each Highsite has X amount of bandwidth that it can bring in from it’s peer highsites, give everyone dead end PTP links from your site and the same bandwidth issues as mentioned above will occur. The only difference is that with Wireless links it is worse, you are not only wasting bandwidth but also frequency that could have been used at your own site for relay links help out the greater good.

My input is not law, it is merely my opinion. Use it or don’t use it.


Hi Everyone

Thank you all for your passionate response. I have uploaded my 360 degree photos on my Node view.

Going forward, I don’t mind installing a sector link or p2p link. I will do any link requested by Wug community.

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I didn’t get to ray this weekend, we didn’t find a time that worked for both, I think he is unavailable next weekend, so we will probably have to look again around the 18th.

We should be good this weekend - you can see the sector clearly from your house:

Also when you have a chance come drop off the Power Supply :wink:

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Hi Ray

I will drop the PSU this evening in your letter box between 5pm and 6pm.

@darkwing - Can I proceed in purchasing a LGH5 ? Secondly, would it be necessary to book a test kit ? because Ray’s node is less than 200 meters away from me. There is line of sight.

@mario I wouldn’t buy anything.

let’s 1st prove that the sector is working, and still test with the testkit, i know line of sight is not an issue, but something may still be faulty.

You can contact cheaptrick for the area testkit.

Hi Everyone,

Compliments of the season to all.

Kindly see my attached test results. Unfortunately, I could not pick up Ray’s node on the scan. Could of be off not sure. However, I can see Venus.

Please advise me on how to move forward.

Kind Regards

Hi everyone
Checking scans i dont see ray on it
@ray dis use pm mario the settings for the sector cause atleast he had to pick it up but nothing shows on scans ?
Or is sector not working ?

daai scan list is ook nie reg nie set dit op 4900-6000 en frequency mode op super channel dan sal dit meer goed op tel adjust it according to this picture below and click apply then scan again don’t worry to set Radio Name and SSID


Hi Everyone,

Kindly see my attached test results. With the proper config.


Hi @ray and @darkwing, I dont see the sector by Ray in any of those scans, is the sector online and broadcasting yet?

@mario, Node Venus looks promising and Node Euro (Killarney Gardens) also looks promising, just not sure why you arent picking up that sector in your scan, I will check if the sector is broadcasting.

Based on these results it would be safe for you to go ahead and purchase a device to connect with. - This is what Scoop have in stock at the moment. These devices get sold out quick so they unfortunately dont have stock of the more entry level units.

Here is a link to the Scoop ordering process.

EDIT: Node Euro was offline but it back online now. If you still have the test kit you could scan for frequency 5350.

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