New user in Table View looking for help

Hi Guys,

Yes, i have read the start guide.

Just bought a house in Table View and looking to connect it if possible. I think Borg is the best bet if there is space and if I have a good LoS.

Created my node: aurora #17533 (
Only camera I have is on my cellphone so not great pics at all - uploaded an East view if someone thinks they can spot Borg xD

No equipment as I have no idea what is needed (The scoop links to kits & hardware don’t work anymore) Hoping some one can point me in the right direction after the test kit is used.

So I’m looking for the test kit and someone to help me use it properly and fast :slight_smile:
I am willing to contribute to said some one who is able to help from start to finish

@darkwing I’m in your first contact area so hoping you can point me to the test kit and help out a little - do I request it from @cheaptrick or someone else?

Thanks to whoever has the 4x4 with signage who sometimes parks outside Corsair (Visiting friends I think) - you reminded me the WUG existed shortly after I moved down from Durban :smiley:




please contact @cheaptrick for the test kit.

instructions for test kit are here

I think you best bet will be venus, i’m not sure if Borg still has any sectors facing your way…

I’m pretty sure Venus is out as I have loads of trees that side of me - attached a pic :frowning:

Messaged cheaptrick


Are you referring to the complex called Corsair Close in Sanddrift perhaps?

Yep :slight_smile:

Didn’t want to add too much detail on location

Then it will be me. :slight_smile:

Family stays there.

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