New user want to join in Joostenbergvlakte

Hi good day .I reside in joostenberg area and would like to join of my work colleague told me about it and would like to join thanks in advance any help appreciated.


Cool stuff. You can start here, and then take some pics from your rooftop and/or arrange for the test equipment from Oom @Stiaanm and take it from there.


@Jack01 I used to stay in the Joostenbergvlakte area…difficult area with all the trees surrounding the area.I had to use the 2.4GHz range to get to a high site, 5GHz does not like the trees.

Like Spaffy said plot yourself on wind and do a scan.I know Stiaanm have a 2.4ghz sxt showing in the direction of Anderson road in Joostenbergvlakte.

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Not for long unless somebody actually wants to connect, bit limited in space up there, so have to start taking down stuff that is not being utilised. Please get me the node name ASAP so we can see what we can do for you…

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Chances about 1% for using 5GHz there, unless you put up at least a 15m mast, trees aplenty there

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Thanks for the help and advise

My nodename is All
#15763 will arrange for a test kit and do a scan will post results thanks guys for all the assistance

My nodename is All

From your location it would most likely be impossible to get to me through those trees, but you should have a fairly clear view of Pinehurst, and possible also to Langeberg Ridge. Best thing in this case would be to grab the test kit to see what options are available.

A big plead: With the distance you have, try steer clear of smaller kits.

Should you be able to see @Darksaint (node 7457) properly, you may need to also supply kit for his side (if he feel to add more). On his side he’s using an Omnitik as a sector, which you may struggle to “talk” to aver 4 Km with lots of radio noise behind him. Alternative to him would be Badboy (node 1657), which may also require you to supply equipment.

Dependent on location and those damn trees, a last resort would be to wolffie (node 2883), which will only work if you can clear those trees…

Depending on whether the top or bottom one in the below pic is where you stay, you need not even get a massive pole to clear obstacles.

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@Stiaanm volgens wind kan hy mos aan maplotter connect dis nie so ver van hom af nie, Maplotter het n ap

Stem saam

Nog n’ moontlikheid is anglosaxon, ek dink nie sy node is reg geplot nie.

Hy kan, maar net as hy deur die bome kan kom, view van maplotter se kant af lyk so (en nog heelwat agter hulle):

Nog erger…

O Ja dit lyk glad nie goed nie

ek twyfel baie sterk of sy node reg geplot is, dit is dan op n’ oop stuk veld.

Ek is ook nie seker nie, maar verbeel my al of daai node geskuif het van na my eerste picture post af…

maplotter is my swaer. sy paal is redelik hoog op. message my op tt as julle sy nommer soek

Ek het 'n kollega wat ook wil join, maar bome is 'n moerse probleem daar. Ek sal hom vra om 'n node te plot, dalk kan hy Maploter sien.

Een ding wat BAIE kan help is om 2.4GHz te gaan, maar die equipment range is òf te lig (SXT) òf te duur (Basebox2 + 2.4 dish), geen LHG equivalents daar nie…

PowerBeam M2-400 is nogal awesome. 26dbm output as hy op united states is, en 18dbi gain. Ek weet hy kan 28dbm of meer output, maar ek weet nie watter land nie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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