[NODE] Pot News

This thread/topic will serve as the news for the Pot node.

The Pot site is very kingly donated by Louis aka Psycho, thank you :slight_smile: .

The site has a few devices and equipment on it :

Active links :
brackrat (links to Kraaifontein via dade)
aquarat (links to Sonstraal sector)
Wacko141 (backup links to Europa and Bellville area)
sselmrah (harmless) (links to Koeiklap)

Pending links (equipment installed on Pot, waiting alignment, tuning or remote equipment) :
Kingpin (major backbone link to Europa and Kraaifontein)
Someone in the Kraakbal area.

Wacko141-Pot link is now active

Thanks Aquarat and Diabolix for assistance in getting this link up and running.

Lol, Diabolix didn’t do anything, he just complained that we hadn’t done it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s noble of Psycho :smiley:

I tried to fix your crappy ospf :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol “tried” it couldn’t be saved ;p .

broadcast pot huidiglik? het vandag geallign en gesearch, was tot by pot on site en binoculars - ek het LOS,na my huis toe en vice verca, sien SOL1 het gese hy kan ook nie meer pot sien in sy scans nie

Pot is a high-site, clients do not connect directly to it. Clients connect to an intermediate node (like aquarat) and then go from there. At the moment there is an open grid on Pot but it’s set aside for TFlux, or someone who can relay data to Kraakbal.

ah ok, thought you are on holiday in onrus??

I am/was :stuck_out_tongue: . I just couldn’t help but check my phone now and then :slight_smile: .

Why do you say there’s a problem at Pot ?

Hi Aqua i asked if there is a problem.Since we have been down after the Load shedding yesterday that is why i asked.

Hi Sol and everyone else in the Sonstraal Valley

I’m really sorry about this, but I’m going to be moving in approximately 6-9 months from now. I’ve been given an opportunity I can’t refuse and it requires that I move.

This means that eventually the equipment on my house will be taken down and the equipment on Pot that I have installed will either need to be paid for by someone else or also removed, so that it can be sold to other wuggers. If I get half the money I paid for the new equipment, I’ll be happy. I will speak to the comms, perhaps CTWug can purchase the equipment.

Wacko141 is familiar with the Pot site and Psycho, who owns the site is a wugger himself, so I’ll introduce them and then Wacko141 can take over admin for the site, assuming Wacko141 is interested.

The best thing to do now would be to work out who will pay for the equipment on Pot and how that equipment will be linked to the Sonstraal Valley. I can include the sector and 802.11ac dish on my house plus Pot’s equipment in one big deal.

Once again, I wasn’t expecting this to happen.

The equipment on Pot and more or less what is cost :

Mikrotik Rb711 + UBNT 31dbi dish (unused but connected, linked to Kingpin) : R 450 + R 1595
Mikrotik RB NetBox + Mikrotik 30dbi dish (Linked to Brackrat) : R 1550 + R 1250
Mikrotik RB750UP x2 (general switching and power) : R 695 x 2
Mikrotik RB750GL (general switching) : R 675
Mikrotik Grooves x 2 + 27dbi, 24dbi, 27dbi (open link plus links to Kraaifontein) : R 350 x 2 (got on special) + R 395
Mikrotik Groove Metal +27dbi grid (links to aquarat) : R 1095 + 395
Supporting accessories (like tough cable, DB box, multiplug, raspberry pi) : R 1000
UBNT AirMax Grid 23dbi x2 (link to wacko141) : R 775

Aquarat :
Mikrotik RB NetMetal + Mikrotik 30dbi dish : R 1675 + R 1525
RB750UP : R 695
Ubnt sector + Rb911 (with extra pci-ex card) : R 1550 + R 995

To purchase all this new would cost : ~ R 18 500
I’d sell it all for : R 8500, less than half price.

So I’ll chat to the comms and ask them, if they don’t agree it’s up to you and if you can’t agree I’ll sell it piece by piece.

I realise this is super kak, but I can’t avoid this and I think a donation of R 18500 to CTWug is a bit too much (especially when I’ve donated elsewhere too).

Baie dankie, en jammer.

Unfortunately to follow the process through the committee for funding will be too long and too complex. As such I will be disassembling the sites and selling them off piece by piece.

This is really sad news :frowning:
High sites should be financed by CTWUG from the start to avoid situations like these.

I have tried talking to Ogon now, as Pot is a very important high site in the Bellville/Durbanville area. For the price, it’s a must take.

Don’t start removing things as yet Aqua :slight_smile:

Me and Wacko will take over maintenance if everything goes through.

It’s is sad news but pot is not a CTwug highsite, would be nice to have it as one. I have posted to replies to aqaurat request and both were as ideas to find a solution, because this is what I want at the end of the day. Here is my two replies.

Response 1

I have a few questions

  1. What does this mean for hoperat future as a site
  2. If approved when do you need the money we currently have a big project thats gonna take a lekker hap out of our finance.If in nearer to 6 months time is more doable.
  3. also if approved it would be best practice to get the money from the clients before we forked out our halve
  4. durbanville guys will need to apply for financial assistance

About the finance site I feel paying for 3 years although its saving us money is a bit long. Cant we pay for one year and in that time try and look for someone to rewrite the site to run on gravity?

Regards ogon

Response 2

Hi again

I would like to start with the finance site first, I have a web designer by trade working on it and he said he’ll have the first draft for me ready by Friday to view. I’m not saying this will work out but it is worth a shot so lets “hou duim vas”.Graphire has offered to host the site as he has a window server until we can host it along side gravity on a linux server.

On the moving issue I would not like to waste your time as I know you are going out of your way to try and keep the topology that you build over the last year or so as close to as what it is as possible, and to be honest it would be easier to sell separately and a lot less stress for you.

I thought about this a lot and came to the conclusion that it would be a bit of a steep ask of your and hoektoe clients to pay R4500. As from past experience if seen that some just don’t care and well end up with only a few paying for the rest. What I want to suggest is this would it not be better to create separate projects on the finance page for let say brackrat aqaurat and pot. This way we can tell the people of the area how important these sites are to their areas and ask them to help donate. For instance bracket is not only important to hoektoe and aqaurat clients but also to all in kraaifontein and in bellville. Only fair that we ask them to donate. We did agree on the 2011 again the bellville should give halve here. And on pot is some of the equipment on there also on the list for being sold that us backbone links to bellville? I also see bloodguru2 is connected to bracket we should get him involved in the donations too.

We can also put a timeframe on this seeing that your minimum was 6 months then we can create the finance projects and give everyone 4 months to pay for the projects. If not paid then at least you have two months to sell your goods, which should be ample time.

I would like to reiterate this is how i see it and I’m just trying to find a solution that will work for everyone.

Regards ogon

Diabolix have chatted to me and I will convey it to the rest of the committee. That was just my thoughts and by no means the opinion of the rest of the committee

Thanks Diabolix and Ogon, your help is really really appreciated :slight_smile: .

I don’t mind @ finance site, but I’ve turned it off for now because I don’t want to be donating money to that too - while it’s running it costs money. So no point running it until we have a solution.


Wish I could help get Durbanville more populated but I unfortunately live in a flat.

Let me know if there is anything I can assist with.

EDIT: I found the site

Hi guys

We have created ctwug-durbanville IRC channel