Ordering from Scoop - Read this!

Please take note that all Scoop orders will be done via their online system with immediate effect. As it is virtually impossible to get passwords to everyone AND prevent possible abuse, the committee has put a temporary solution in place until we get an automated system in place to take over from this temp solution.

To order from Scoop:

  1. Download the attached Excel sheet.
  2. Fill in your order.
  3. Check Scoops website to make sure the items are in stock.
  4. Please send the Excel sheet in an email to orders@ctwug.za.net

Scoop Order Sheet.xlsx (31.0 KB)

What happens then:

  1. Somebody will check your order and make sure it’s for CTWUG use.
  2. They will email you if there is an issue or if they are unsure.
  3. They will place the order on Scoop website.
  4. They will forward the necessary order number and costing detail to allow you to pay (directly to Scoop) for your order or pay on pickup.
  5. Please verify that it is correct before paying.
  6. Once paid, you are free to collect from Scoop (or pay on pickup - Cash only).

As it is a manual process, it may take a a little time, but will hopefully be quick, as we are close to 15 people manning that mailbox. If you experience issues, please let us know about those so we can fix where possible.

Please do not spam the orders@ctwug.za.net with email as it’s a distribution list.

And thank our volunteers for agreeing to help us out!


Other points worth mentioning:

  • This is the only way to get orders through on the CTWUG account.
  • This gets you dealer prices.
  • This gets CTWUG rebate funding which is a major source of funds for us.
  • Orders not received on a fully completed spreadsheet on that email address will be ignored.

Great work @spin and guessing @Stiaanm
You guys deserve a round of applause… :clap:


There is no way that the committee would be able to handle all this work so we ask a few guys to help us to process the orders.

Scoop order admins
And the committee

Thanks guys I’m sure well make a good team.


Thanks gentlemen

This looks like a sound fix for now.
Thanks for your efforts guys


Looking at the times of whatsapp msgs and work done lastnight, I just want to say thanks to Comms for all the work, time and sacrifice of Family time! I for one Appreciate it and i’m sure many will benefit from this!


This was a team effort. I was just up latest to make the spreadsheet and copy the post onto the forum.


Well done to all involved.

thanks a mill all

Hi Guys,

We have amended the CTWUG account so that all EFT funds need to reflect in our account before we are able to dispatch the order. You are more than welcome to pay with cash or by credit/debit card in store if you prefer.

Please spread the word.

Thank you!


So u have a card machine now in store?

Yes we have in house card facilities.


@tim-scoop hearing about the card machine is great news makes it all so much easier thanks.


Please amend document to include card payment type.

Hi @David.Firestarter

You can choose cash on the document.
Cash/Card is the same option when we order the equipment.
regarding the document. It should be updated soon.


Stickied topic as I am getting requests from people on how to order hardware from Scoop.

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It was pinned. Probably ran past the end date of the pin.

Is there currently a hold on placing orders? Or what is the turn around for processing the emails?