Ordering from Scoop - Read this!

So u have a card machine now in store?

Yes we have in house card facilities.


@tim-scoop hearing about the card machine is great news makes it all so much easier thanks.


Please amend document to include card payment type.

Hi @David.Firestarter

You can choose cash on the document.
Cash/Card is the same option when we order the equipment.
regarding the document. It should be updated soon.


Stickied topic as I am getting requests from people on how to order hardware from Scoop.

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It was pinned. Probably ran past the end date of the pin.

Is there currently a hold on placing orders? Or what is the turn around for processing the emails?

No did you order something and not receive a reply?

No hold, found your mail half an hour or so ago in my Spam folder, not sure if the other guys assisting with orders had the same

Thanks guys. Not sure why my email is seen as spam :frowning:

Updated the order spreadsheet in the first post with an update item list from Scoop. Please download again.

Closing this to merge with another new super ordering topic.

Thread replaced with this one: