Sonoff Smart Switches

Hi Guys,

Was wondering if anyone has been using the Sonoff smart switches in their home network especially the garage and light switches.

What are they like?
Are they user friendly?
Does it come with an app for Android?
Can it be controlled from anywhere or is there a port forwarding requirement?
Does the garage door opener also use short range wireless to open it, not just the app?

Thanks All

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There’s a pile of videos on YouTube regarding them. Also if you wish to be more basic, look at the ESP8266 chip.
I have not personally used either, I am just interested in a Home Automation setup for my house and at the research stage.

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OK, I think I will go ahead and purchase one there is one where a guy hotwires some remotes into the cuirtcuit and configure it with google home and alexa. it worked Flawlessly so having an existing garage motor ect intergration is easy.

Pretty nifty looking

Just watched a vid now as-well guy got it to work from his android smart watch with voice control and a webpage.

Im doing this end of this month

There a website (Jo’Berg) they sell lots of goodies for the home automation or Communica in C.T. (Paarden Eiland)

Yep i use them, got 3 of them now one on the pool, one on my rain water, and one that ran my xmas lights. will be reusing that one for some thing i have not thought of yet. pretty easy to setup and app is basic but effective.

oh you can pick them up at yebo electronics for about 250 a pop

Whart is this the Sonoff switches?

Sorry could not resist. Hope you have internet access. :slight_smile:

Your stupid… I had a legitimate question. You just wasted a LMGTFY for nothing.

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Yes, the actual little device,

Chill man I was kidding, hence the :slight_smile:

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Nice. Have you seen the Konnect?

I am stuck between getting those switches or the Konnect.

Problem with the Konnect is that I would have to import them but they are alot better

i also have been using the sonoff switches works great easy to setup and no port forwarding needed. Even bought some on wish for like R70 they also work fine

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Needed some quick at the time, thus the sonoff, must say i am happy with
the the performance it does exactly what i need them to do for me.

only gripe i have is the app, though it works and does as it should with no
trouble. me being a techie would have loved more from it.
some sort of better dashboard to manage multiple switches, see what they
are doing manage them and see the power consumption that goes through
them… but thats just me.

they work nice with google home or amazon alexa.

the sonoff plugs or bulb holders I find are nice,but bulky.

the switches, people like, cause easier to flash with custom firmware for use with automation software

you can get them from communica in Paarden Eiland they also work well with home assistant if you flash the firmware with Tasmota a very useful bit of software see DR Zzs on YouTube for more info on Tasmota.

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Also look at the Blitzwolf smart sockets designed to work with alexa. $12 on banggood

I currently use three sonoff basic switches and control them via the android app. It works well as advertised. Only issue is they require an active internet connection to operate, especially if you schedule the switches to switch on or off at certain times. I bought mine on gearbest for ± R80 each. Look for their flash sales.

They are great little devices, do exactly as intended. If you do not like the internet requirement, they can run 3rd party firmware where you can setup your own MQ server.

Can be easily done with a FTDi chip on USB-TTL cable. This is one I got - because it has 3v/5v setting, so it can be used on other devices:

For the firmware take a look at these two: