Possible new access point in Stellenberg

Hey @jacktherabit

I would say, jump on your roof again and take some hi-resolution photos and post them here so we can have a look.
The whole AC thing is not an issue, the kit that @Gordon808 is will to swap for is more then fine for what we wish to do.

We can always try a test kit scan for piece of mind, but those photo’s i’v mentioned above can tell us all we need to know hopefully.

So i would say next step is to take some photos for us. all the way around you.

Just a question, How high would you plan on going? Like length of pole.
For instance i am surrounded by tree’s yet because i use a 6m pole i can see over them.

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ok cool…
well was thinking 4m ± luckily have not gotten the pole or bracket yet…
cool will take some pics…

Be a real man and go 7.2m.

LoL, just teasing.

7.2m sounds nice, but those Boeing’s going over my house might just clip it
at that height… :yum::thinking::joy:


Let them clip it, will teach them to fly higher lol

Hi there folks,

@Zassie so finally got a few mins to get on the roof and take a few pics, so the double story house to the right of the chimney there is a nice tall Palm, i can see 2 dishes through it, which im guessing is Zassie, then the other pic is behind me and to the left of the tree, i think thats Solo? also took a pic down the road looking towards Glen Gary as i know there are some guys down that side too. bu the looks of it a 4m pole will do?

(hope this helps Zassie?? )


@jacktherabit This is perfect and exactly what we need! Some of the other guys trying to join can really learn a thing or two from you!

This is what my LOS pics look like from the very top of my pole.

The red square is where i think you should be… Weird i don’t see any palm trees tho xD

I will get Solo to have a look and confirm that that is his site that you see!

But everything looks great so far!

Once solo has confirmed then you can go ahead and make the swap with @Gordon808 and get yourself one of these units to do all the routing and connecting the wug to your home network.

@Diabolix recommends this: https://scoop.co.za/mikrotik-rb750gr3-5-gigabit-port-soho-router.html

To get it at dealer prices you can use the CTWUG order form here: Ordering from Scoop - The full monty!

What do you think?


I agree with the recommendation made by @Diabolix, I own a 750gr3, Gigabit Ethernet ports and nice cpu :slight_smile:

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yup thats me, you just see my roof no the right for that square. (however
dont want the pole up on that side as my cabinet is in the garage. which is
to the left ) if that all makes sense… lol.
but i think we will be able to get a good link going…

Need to check might have an old rb750 in a box here at work, think it had
one or 2 blown ports but other than that it was still good.

I would rather mount the mast where we can clearly see there is LOS, just lay a longer LAN cable. It shouldn’t be more than a 100meters. Just make sure you use proper outdoor cable with shielded connectors.

The RB750 sounds sketchy, if it was me I would rather buy a new Hex unit as it sounds like that unit might just give you (and the admins configuring your node) headaches in the future.

So heard back from Solo,

Circle is solo and square is voyager!

So this is great news and should be a really simple and easy link to setup!

I would definitely say this is all go from my side!

@jacktherabit We can make this happen!

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OHHH YAY happy days!

@Gordon808 so seems you are in luck, whereabouts are you so we can make the

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Smart .pm sent…

@jacktherabit Any progress on this?

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Have a Routeboard arriving soon then i just need to get the pole and
bracket still.
been a bit hectic, so unfortunately this project had to be put on hold.

hope to have this completed by end may

What happened to the two powerbeams? Remember you need two antenna’s/radios.

Hey, I Have the two Power beams, the only other infrastructure i need is
the routerboard, and pole and bracket. the rest is sorted for now.

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GOOD NEWS! just received my routerboard! (gotta love B-days!)

now to get the pole and bracket and mount the power beams!

I know its taking long, but will get there!

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Great news! Brights and Scoop sells all those goodies, let us know when you are ready then we can come give a hand.


Awesome will do thank you!

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