Wugmail 2.0 - [you]@ctwug.za.net

New emails

Please email mailadmin@ctwug.za.net with your request for a new email address. Only if you absolutely can’t email pm tinuva, ogon, stiaanm or myself. Do not tell us what password you want as we will set one for you. You can change it later.

Pop / Forwarding

We will strongly encourage people to set up the automatic download of emails from our pop server or to set the email to forward to another account. Space for emails on the server will be limited. Full email accounts will have to explain why we should not delete them.

I use gmail to download via pop my ctwug mail. I could also use Outlook / Thunderbird to download this to my pc if I wanted to (or if I don’t have internet for example).

Storing mail on the server is not encouraged.

Webmail / POP / SMTP

admin / modoboa: https://mail.ctwug.za.net/ :arrow_backward: change password here
webmail: https://mail.ctwug.za.net/ :arrow_backward: New
pop3: mail.ctwug.za.net port 995 (Recommended but 110 should also work. Note plaintext auth is disabled)
smtp: mail.ctwug.za.net port 587 (do not use 25 ).
username: youremail@ctwug.za.net
pass: password


We will set secure passwords. We will ignore requests for a specific password as you should/can change it after you login for first time. The new email is a little bit more secure we hope. We’ve had a few users ctwug emails being hacked and then being used to send spam. On the new server we’ve added fail2ban scripts, plus it will require strong passwords plus we will employ some rate limiting of outbound emails as a last resort. Hopefully our new server won’t get blacklisted as often.

Wugmail is also now behind https :slight_smile:

If you change your password please consider something secure. The server has some pw requirements but you know people are people.
Examples of bad passwords (seen on the wug):

Service Standards

It is what it is. If it doesn’t work we will try to fix it. It won’t always work and will be down form time to time. So please don’t use it for critical functions or, if you do, please don’t blame us.

Email address tags work

You can send email to youremail+something@ctwug.za.net. This also gets delivered to your inbox.


Haven’t used outlook in a while but I quickly set up Outlook 2016 with these settings so people can see how it would look.

Please not that Outlook 20?? seems to send test messages with invalid email headers which get quarantined by our server. See section below.

Invalid e-mail headers

Messages with invalid headers are quarantined. These include some scripts and other very basic emails. This also includes Outlook 20?? test messages which are sent without Date: headers.

From time to time I clear out quarantine header messages but really this should be fixed in the relevant clients.

If you are not receiving your test messages or emails from some script please check your sent emails headers. You can use a tool such as this.

i would like to keep my wug mail anthony@ctwug.za.net

Try and send me an email so I can add you to the list.

Hi Spin

I Sent you a mail to apply.

I’m travelling this week but should reply to everyone in the next day or two.

New wugmail server has been activated. Please use password as supplied.
Server: mail.ctwug.za.net
webmail on mail.ctwug.za.net
You can access pop on port 110 and smtp on port 25. (username: youremail@ctwug.za.net and password as supplied. Note user is full email address)
We will activate secure versions shortly also, once we get certificates.
[B]If you haven’t contacted me on a new wugmail or received an email from me in this regard your email is now deactivated.

[/B]ps ogon can also add users.
pps tinuva also.
ppps: Thanks to tinuva for getting it ready for us.

tried and tested

Updated details on how to get an email in 1st post.

Thanks spin!!! Easy as that!

Thanks Spin and tinuva
all working 100%

Thanks Spin. It works like a boss.

Is there a process that can be implemented to submit email addresses to be blocked completely.

Why do you want to block emails?
edit: no there is not but you can add a rule to your inbox to delete mail.

log into mail.ctwug.za.net and set a filter by clicking on your user name.

mail.ctwug.za.net is also now on secured connections


Still need to update smtp and pop3 server to use secure connections.

can anyone please activate my ctwug mail again thanks this was my old email razor@ctwug.za.net)

Sent your details it to you on 22 Nov. PM to you again. It’s been active since the start…

Thanks Spin never got anything but no worries got the PM now

Anybody else never received their pass? I missed one or two but I suspect many got the email in their spam folder.